Sydney Insurance Brokers

Commercial Property Insurance

Essential for any business, commercial property insurance provides cover for the physical aspects of a business location, including the building itself.

Insurable Risks

These can include fire, theft, and weather damage, which are fundamental risks affecting commercial properties.

Choosing Premises

The insurance implications of a building’s location are significant. For example, properties in flood-prone areas may have different insurance considerations.

Existing Premises

It’s crucial to regularly review insurance policies to ensure adequate coverage, avoid overlapping policies, and ensure premiums are cost-effective.

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

In rented properties, specific property risks remain the landlord’s responsibility, as dictated by lease terms. It’s important to understand these details to avoid insurance redundancies or gaps.

For tailored advice and policy creation, Sydney Insurance Brokers offers expert consultation to address the unique insurance needs of your commercial property​​.