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Electronic Equipment Breakdown Insurance

In today’s world, reliance on electronic systems is immense, yet these systems are not infallible. Crashes and power outages, while rare, can disrupt operations and result in significant costs.

Key Risks Covered

  • Operational Breakdown: Normal wear and tear can lead to unexpected equipment failures.
  • Human Error: Mistakes due to inadequate training or negligence can cause equipment damage.
  • Supplier-Related Damage: Faulty design, manufacturing, or installation, as well as electricity supply issues like voltage spikes, can harm electronic equipment.

Compensation Categories

  • Professional IT Services: Coverage for hiring external IT professionals if in-house teams are unable to resolve network or server issues.
  • Business Disruption: Insurance to offset losses in productivity and additional labor costs during equipment repair.
  • Hardware Replacement: Reimbursement for hiring temporary equipment to maintain limited operational capacity during repairs.

This insurance is vital for minimizing the financial impact of electronic equipment breakdowns. For tailored advice and coverage, contact Sydney Insurance Brokers​.