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Glass Insurance

Damaged glass in a business setting, unlike in a home, can significantly disrupt operations. Glass insurance is therefore crucial for businesses, particularly in retail and hospitality.

Coverage Offered by Glass Insurance

Glass insurance can encompass a wide range of protections, including:

  • Internal and External Glass: Covers all glass components within and outside the premises.
  • Additional Features: Includes illuminated signs, skylights, ornamentation, mirrors, and glass doors.

Key Aspects of Glass Insurance

When considering glass insurance, businesses should note:

  • Specific Risk Coverage: Includes temporary shuttering costs, damage to signwriting, ornamentation, and alarm connections, and damage to frames and shopfronts due to external violence.
  • Property Damage or Spoilage: Protection against various types of physical damage to the property.
  • Limits per Event: Each risk category has a specific coverage limit per event.

Professional advice from experienced brokers, like those at Sydney Insurance Brokers, is essential to correctly assess risks and determine the optimal coverage for a business’s needs.

For tailored glass insurance solutions and expert guidance, businesses are encouraged to contact Sydney Insurance Brokers​​.