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Association Liability Insurance

Association liability insurance is essential for not-for-profit and volunteer organizations, providing crucial protection against claims that could seriously harm the organization.

Importance of Coverage

  • Obligations to Volunteers and Public: Despite their not-for-profit status, volunteer organizations have similar obligations to their volunteers and the public as profit-making businesses.
  • Risk of Legal Costs: Defending claims, even unsuccessful ones, can result in substantial legal costs. Proper insurance is a safeguard against such financial burdens.

Key Considerations for Insurance

  • Managing Volunteer Risks: Given the nature of volunteer work, maintaining consistent OHS training can be challenging, increasing the risk of injury claims.
  • Effective Training and Monitoring: Implementing suitable training programs, such as cloud-based solutions, and careful monitoring of volunteer activities are important steps in reducing liability risks.

Sydney Insurance Brokers has a team specializing in association liability, adept at addressing the unique insurance needs of voluntary associations. They assist in evaluating and securing comprehensive insurance cover for these organizations.