Sydney Insurance Brokers

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is essential for protecting businesses against financial risks arising from liability to third parties. This includes cases involving death, injury, loss, or property damage occurring on your business premises or due to your business activities.

Why It’s Needed

  • Risk of Claims: Regardless of employee training and operational safety, public liability claims can arise.
  • Beneficial for Public Interaction: Especially important for businesses that frequently interact with the public.

Typical Claim Scenarios

  • Injuries due to unsafe environments.
  • Third-party property damage.
  • Incidents resulting from negligence.

Recommended for Specific Businesses

  • Consultants, tradespeople, or contractors.
  • Businesses organizing public events.
  • Businesses with physical premises like shops or showrooms.
  • Any business regularly interacting with the public.


  • Coverage in the USA & Canada.
  • Criminal actions.
  • Contractual liabilities.
  • Issues related to asbestos, pollution, product recall.
  • Aircraft and registered motor vehicles related incidents.

To ensure comprehensive coverage, Sydney Insurance Brokers advises consulting with their public liability specialists for an assessment of business-specific risks​​.