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Burglary Insurance

Businesses possessing valuable materials and products are often targets for professional thieves. Particular industries, like pharmaceuticals or those dealing with precious materials, face heightened theft risks. Each business requires an individually tailored burglary insurance package due to varying threat levels.

Categories of Burglary Insurance Coverage

Burglary insurance encompasses several scenarios:

  • Theft or Attempted Theft with Forcible Entry: Covers incidents of breaking into a building to steal.
  • Theft by Concealment: Involves theft or attempted theft by someone hidden inside the building who exits after hours.
  • Assault or Violence Against Employees: Includes violent acts or intimidation related to theft.

The cost of burglary insurance depends on factors like deductibles and coverage limits. Striking a balance between comprehensive coverage and cost-effectiveness is key. Sydney Insurance Brokers has extensive experience in helping businesses assess their vulnerability to burglary and devising optimal insurance solutions.

For personalized burglary insurance advice and package design, businesses are encouraged to
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