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Business Insurance: Fires, Floods, and Storms

Commercial Property Insurance is a must for all businesses, but is especially important in regions of Australia that are particularly prone to bushfires, floods, and bad storms.

Thanks to Australia’s hot and dry climate, the country is particularly susceptible to bushfires, especially during parts of spring, summer, and autumn when the temperatures often soar high into the 30s, and more frequently, the 40s.

On the other side of the spectrum, Australia is also prone to flooding and severe weather conditions. These are common after periods of extreme heat, and when cold fronts hit over the winter months.

To ensure your business is protected against these extreme conditions, having comprehensive property insurance that covers bush fires, floods, and storms is a must!

How Do I Know if I Need Bush Fire, Flood, and Storm Cover in my Policy?

If your business is listed in a bush fire zone, having adequate cover will protect you against any damage caused to your property as a result of a bush fire, as specified in your policy.

When it comes to flood and storm cover, you never know when Mother Nature is going to strike, so including natural disasters in your cover will protect you if your business acquires any hail damage, or is flooded.

Flood cover isn’t always included in a standard policy, but where it is offered, it’s usually defined as:

‘The covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of:

-Any lake, river, creek, or natural watercourse, whether or not altered or modified, or any reservoir, canal or dam.

It’s common for business owners to mistake flood cover for protection against heavy rain, but this often isn’t the case. To learn more about what is and isn’t covered in our customised Commercial Property Insurance schemes, contact the team at Sydney Insurance Brokers today.

What Happens if My Business is Damaged by Fire, Flood, or a Storm?

The first step will be to contact us to make a claim. If your policy includes damages caused by a bush fire, flood, or storm, the claim process will begin. During this time, we will keep you updated on the progress of your claim, and will be able to offer you advice and guidance every step of the way.

To find out if your business is in a high-risk area for fires, floods, and storms, you can either contact your local council, your State Emergency Service, or your Local Fire Services Authority.

Alternatively, get in touch with our team at Sydney Insurance Brokers to discuss all of your Commercial Property Insurance needs.