Business Insurance: Fires, Floods, and Storms

Business Insurance Fires, Floods, and Storms

Commercial Property Insurance is a must for all businesses, but is especially important in regions of Australia that are particularly prone to bushfires, floods, and bad storms. Thanks to Australia’s hot and dry climate, the country is particularly susceptible to bushfires, especially during parts of spring, summer, and autumn when the temperatures often soar high into […]

D&O Insurance 101 – A Guide to Directors and Officers Insurance


First written by Lloyd’s of London in the 1930s, Directors & Officers Liability (D&O) Insurance was first established following the Wall Street crash in 1929 and the introduction of U.S securities laws in ’33 and ’34. Up until the 1960s, D&O remained a relatively niche class of insurance, before new interpretations of corporate law in the U.S […]

Why Should I Use a Business Insurance Broker?

Why Should I Use a Business Insurance Broker

With the advent of the Internet, buying your business insurance online has never been easier. But, is buying insurance online good for your business? The simple answer is, no. Whether you’re looking at liability insurance, business interruption insurance or commercial property insurance, the policy you choose is essentially a safety net that will ensure your business can operate like […]

5 Tips for Preventing, and Dealing with, Employee Fraud

5 Tips for Preventing, and Dealing with, Employee Fraud

In Australia, employee fraud costs businesses an estimated $8.5 billion annually. It might also surprise you to know that employees carry out 80 per cent of workplace crime, while 85 per cent of respondents in a recent survey said they would commit fraud if the ‘right’ circumstances were to arise. Perhaps even more alarming than […]

How to Protect Your Business Against Burglars Over the Christmas Holidays

Employee being frustrated by christmas holiday festivity

It’s that time of year when businesses (unless you’re in the retail or hospitality industries) are starting to wind down, and thinking about shutting their doors over Christmas. However, when your workplace is unoccupied, it quickly becomes a prime target for burglars and is exposed to extra property damage risks. So, before you head out […]

Why is Policy Maintenance So Important?


Your business is constantly evolving, so your business insurance should evolve with it. Renewing your insurance policies each year is easy, but in doing so, you could be putting your company’s financial security at risk. Each year, when your policies are due for renewal, it’s worth scheduling a meeting with your insurance broker so you can go over your […]

A Brief History of Insurance

A Brief History of Insurance

Since insurance first emerged, as early as Babylonian times, it has gone through a significant evolution process. From a time when there was no such thing as insurance to today, where it would be considered reckless to not have insurance, the concept of modern business and personal insurance looks a lot different today than it […]